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I love working with you guys…. I never have to worry about anything when I have you all handle my escrows!!

Thank you!!!


Melanie Dages



Hi Linzy,

It was not my choice to use National Title, but I am glad I did. Anjelica was excellent- and I plan to use her again. I’ve used Nevada Title, FATCO, Ticor, Equity, and even Driggs. For years I used Nevada Title on Charleston because our office used them when we were RE/MAX. I never met the escrow officer !!!

The best thing about this transaction was that it was “drama free”.

I liked that Angelica answers her phone- and answers her e-mail. My package was ready BEFORE noon on the next business day. I like that.

I don’t particularly care for the parking situation- but that’s minor.

As a reference, I just opened escrow with Ticor Title (again not my choice) and the assistant was rude to me and to my buyers. They lost my business forever.

Please tell everyone I am very happy with Anjelica. Thanks for asking- :)-




Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate how fast everything went this last week! I definitely will recommend you guys and write reviews online, thats how I found you guys and want others to know about how great you are!

Kind regards,

Chelsea Cozby



Dear Mr. Bouchard,

I would like to praise the performance of Ms Kim Miller in the matter of the sale of 5434 Bluebottle court.

My estate agent did not communicate the change of closing from 29 August 2014 or that any problems existed with the transaction. She absented herself from the process.
Ms Miller unaware of any problems until I called her on the afternoon of 26 Aug 2014.

Her assistance to me in closing this transaction has been invaluable. Ms Miller’s performance and conduct has be of the highest professional standards of any industry. Ms Miller is a credit to your firm.

It would be my honor to work with her again.


Steve Oslund



I also wanted to say thank you for choosing a great company to work with such as National Title Co. I also feel like I was treated great by this company at the time of closing, very pleasant staff and the escrow officers make sure that you leave the office understanding everything that just took place and they will dedicate their entire attention to you from start to finish and explain everything in full detail to you step by step as the process takes place and they make sure that all of your questions are answered before you leave that office. Everyone combined from Stonegate Mortgage to National Title Co. made my experience so pleasant that I will definitely use them again for any of my financial needs and I also highly recommend this company to everyone, great job!!!!!!





Hello Kelsey and Kim:

Expressing my thanks over the telephone for the extraordinary research and work you did to collect and recover the documents we needed to complete the sale of our condo was, I believe, totally inadequate. I feel I must say more about the work you did. To put my feelings in terms I am most familiar with as a US Marine, “your work was far above that which was expected of you and if it was possible I would recommend you for a medal!”

I have bought and sold six different houses during my lifetime and never, never has there been a greater individual effort on the part of the title company employees to assist me in collecting all the documents needed to complete the sale of my property than the effort I witnessed being done by the two of you. I cannot thank you enough!

On behalf of Katsuyo and myself, thank you again,

Neil Wooley



Dear Tracy & Norma,

This is Elizabeth Brager from Elite Realty … and completely unsolicited, I wanted to tell you how terrific Angelica & CJ are to work with.

I first met them a few months ago when I was the buyer’s agent on a short sale for a strip condo-hotel. The list agent had specified Angelica and CJ and I was tremendously impressed with their work, speed, professionalism and ability to get things done. (And, do it right!) I knew that at my very next opportunity, I wanted to try them out.

Today we closed a small condo at Las Vegas Country Club and your team did not disappoint. It was a quick escrow — about 10 days and this great team got everything in order within the first few days.

I have been through past experiences with many different title companies where there are too many cooks in the kitchen. You are given a list of people and “who to call for what”. It makes the entire process confusing, daunting and repetitive with lots of hands touching the file.

I could not be happier with Angelica & CJ’s work. They are simply terrific and I love working with them.

As you know, it is increasingly hard to specify title companies these days in many transactions. But, I assure you, I will use them whenever possible going forward.

I wanted to thank you for having two great people on board!

Warm Regards,




Re: Mandy

Although a few weeks late, I wanted to let you know that Mandy Singer did a fantastic job with my recent closing. She is currently working with me on another transaction which we are scheduled to close this month. Mandy is very responsive to all my questions, and is on top of these transactions so I know we won’t have any delays because she is making sure everything is being taking care of. Great job Mandy!

I continue to request Mandy for my transactions going forward, so I hope to have many more with National Title in the future.




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