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Nevada & Las Vegas Title & Escrow Services

National Title Co. is Southern Nevada’s premier title and escrow services provider. A family operated business for over a quarter century, we have developed an extensive clientele that includes both residential and commercial clientele; from large organizations to homegrown, small-business leaders. Whatever your needs might be, from commercial escrow to title reports to default services; we will dedicate an experienced team to your project and see you through from start to finish. With turn times as little as 24 hours, the hassle and worry are gone, your time will be your own once more. At National Title Co. our clients get the respect and individualized attention in their title and escrow services and default services that only comes with a family owned business.


Title Services

The title is evidence of ownership and possession of land. Should complications arise, such as loss of the title or a lien, there will be legal and financial consequences for both buyer and seller. Rest assured that our experienced and reputable agents ensure a smooth transition.

Property profiles

• This service provides reports on available properties, from soil samples to aerial photographs, so that the client possesses all the requisite knowledge of the land before engaging in a transaction.

Title reports

• This service provides a background history of the title, including any arbitration or liens that could undermine the value of the property.



Default Services

A default of any kind can have disastrous effects on one’s finances and credit rating. In the event of a default, this service minimizes the risks and damages that might be incurred. Our agents know how to get things back on track in a timely, cost-efficient manner. We are committed to protecting our clients’ assets.

Foreclosure services

• In the event of a foreclosure, this service provides a client with every available resource to facilitate the process. Whether a client seeks to purchase a foreclosed property or needs assistance with the arduous process of foreclosure, we have the experience and understanding to ensure a fruitful conclusion.

The role and function of title and escrow services is to smooth the process of real estate closings, endeavoring at each stage to maximize your investment. Yet, by choosing National Title Co. you ensure a prompt, professional real estate closing, which keeps your personal interests at its core. Our agents will go that extra length for you. At National Title Co. our family is your family.



Escrow Services

Escrow means that an impartial third party retains funds or documents until specific contractual obligations are met. This allows both a buyer and seller to engage with one another in large transactions without inordinate risk. Discover how to enhance the power of your transactions by working with our experienced and reputable agents.

Commercial escrow services

• This service provides escrow analysis and leads the client through the process of establishing an escrow account for commercial properties. Talk with one of our agents to discover the possibilities.

Refinancing escrow services

• This service steps the client through the complicated process of refinancing a mortgage, while managing the associated escrow account without financially undermining the transaction.

Residential escrow services

• This service provides escrow analysis and leads the client through the process of establishing an escrow account for residential properties. Talk with one of our agents to get started today.

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